If you usually dive or snorkel in NSW or Victoria during winter-spring months, you have probably seen Port Jackson sharks before.

Keep your eyes peeled if you see them again and let us know where!


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They are very easy to identify thanks to their distinguishing black harness-like markings and blunt head with prominent forehead ridges. Take a look at our photos to be sure what they look like.

















The Port Jackson shark, Heterodontus portusjacksoni, is a medium-sized shark species endemic to the coastal waters of southern Australia. During the austral winter–spring season, the adults move onto shallow rocky reefs along the east coast of New South Wales to mate. From late October to early July, they migrate to unkown locations.

Using acoustic tags, we have seen that Port Jackson sharks in Jervis Bay repeatedly return to the same reefs during their mating season and between consecutive years.


But how about Sydney? And Melbourne?

Our plan is to find PJ aggregation sites in both Sydney and Melbourne and tag them with acoustic tags to find out.