Adventure time tagging Port Jackson sharks in Sydney harbour

Thursday, 8th of October 2015 After getting our equipment ready, we launched the boat from Little Manly to spend the day looking for PJ sharks. The temperature was around 20 degrees and it was a little windy.

During the past few months, we have caught and tagged 26 sharks in the Sydney area, using acoustic tags. We are especially interested in finding out where this species migrates to once the mating season is over.

This day, we were aiming to find four more sharks in the hopes of having a sample size of 30 sharks from this general location. We successfully placed acoustic tags on two females! Unfortunately, we only found two sharks, which means we will have to go out another time.

Friday, 16th of October 2015

Today we went out to look for the last two PJs. Unfortunately, there were no sharks around any of the four places we snorkeled, from Quarantine Point to Sharks Island near Taronga Zoo. It seems they have started their migration!

No tags yet.